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St. Lucia is a tiny place on the east coast of South Africa that ticks so many boxes for outdoor and adventure enthusiasts. Surprisingly, St. Lucia also has a lot of jewelry to be found on such a tiny island. Here is a list of things you can do in St. Lucia, South Africa.

Explore the Waterways of Lake St. Lucia

Lake St. Lucia is the largest estuary system in Africa. It’s huge and one of the best ways to explore it is from the water. There are several tour operators who offer boat cruises on an estuary that get you up close to hippos, giant crocodiles, as well as the plethora of bird and animal life that live around the water.

Stroll the Estuary Boardwalk and do Some Birding at the Estuary Mouth

St. Lucia has recently undergone a big renovation of all their public facilities including the famous boardwalk to the estuary mouth. The boardwalk leads to the beach while passing through a beautiful coastal forest. The boardwalk meanders fairly close to the estuary so keep an eye out for the birds and animals along the shoreline as well as in the water.

Enjoy Some Beach Time on an Unspoiled Coastline

The length of the coast from St. Lucia right up to the Mozambican border is one of our favorite stretches in South Africa. The features are simply out of this world. While St. Lucia has several winners within the town limits, a few other beaches worth checking out include Mission rocks as well as Cape Vidal.

Snorkel Cape Vidal’s Rocky Point

Cape Vidal is one of the top snorkeling destinations in South Africa. The snorkeling spot is right off the beach and follows a finger of rocks that extends out towards the open ocean. The rock shelf creates a breakwater that makes for epic snorkeling conditions. Guarded snorkeling trips are available at Cape Vidal and we would highly recommend them.

Hike to Bat Cave on the Eastern Shores

This is a great little trip if you keen to do something a little different. Just north of mission rocks is a small cave which is home to a colony of Egyptian fruit bats. You can access the cave from the beach although you will need to time your trip with the low tide to ensure you can get there and back without getting wet. Don’t forget to bring along a torch or a headlamp so you can see the bats once you get there.

Greet the Oceans Giants on a Boat Based Whale Watching Tour

Whale watching is an absolute must in St. Lucia; nothing can really give you an appreciation for these gentle giants like watching them from the water. There are several excellent tour operators who run whale-watching trips from St. Lucia from around mid-may to December when the humpback whales are in town.

Horse Riding

St. Lucia is one of the coolest places to go horse riding. They aren’t too many places out there where you can ride through a game reserve and along a beach all in the same trip. The horse riding trail passes through some eastern shores section of the iSimangaliso Wetland Park and it’s a great way to get up close to wildlife without scaring them away.

Self-Drive For Game Reserves

St. Lucia is near both the eastern and western shores section of the iSimangaliso wetland park. This area has been the success story of a re-wilding project that started several years ago and is now home to many of Africa’s big wildlife including elephants, rhinos, buffalo, leopard, and so much more. The roads in the park are mostly tied with a few gravels tracks here and there but visitors can explore the park in their own vehicles with no trouble. There are several excellent view sites and picnic spots within the reserve so be sure to pack for the day.

Witness Turtle Nesting on the Sandy Beaches

Turtle season in St. Lucia runs from around November till the end of March. The town is abuzz with the talk of turtles during this period and it’s an excellent time to be in St. Lucia.

Take in the Peace of an African Sunset

There are several great places to watch the sunset but the aptly named sunset jetty is probably one of the best. But wherever you choose to roll out a blanket, make sure you are around for the sunset. It’s the best time of day in St. Lucia.